5 steps to make a book cover from scratch

Published: 18th March 2010
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Book authors make sure they have a book cover on their book as its proven that people see books with covers first and always pick them up so make sure you have a book cover if you want more sales.
How to make a book cover - here are my simple steps to creating a great looking book cover.

Outsource your book cover designs can cost anywhere from $20 to $2000 and possibly more, so you need to decide if you want to pay that much or learn to make it yourself.

Please read on to find out how to make a book cover.

Quick Step 1:

You will need some software, the experts use Photoshop which is quite expensive but well worth it if you're creating dozens of book covers.

Free software is GIMP which is a Photoshop alternative, I haven't used it as I use Photoshop but its free so will list it here for you.

Step 2:

You need a ecover action script to turn a flat image into a book cover so search google and you will find many decent ones. I use ecover pro and cover action pro. Both are excellent products.

Quick Step 3:

Images - Now you will need to find royalty free images that you will be looking to add to your book cover design, again you can search Google, but here are my top 2. bigstockphoto and istockphoto are the best places to get images, just make sure to follow their terms as all image sites have different terms.
Quick Step 4:

By adding some big bold fonts on the book cover will let the readers instantly know what the book will be about.I like the following fonts - Impact, Century, Ariel, Tahoma, you can also search Google for free fonts and you will find dozens of great looking fonts to go on your book cover.

Part 5:

Colours - picking the right colours for your book cover design, here are some ideas, green for money, red for debt, blue for Internet marketing.

Above is 5 simple but effective steps to make a book cover, just add the elements together and you book cover will look really good.

You should also look to study other graphic artists portfolios and save them into a folder so you can see how they put the layouts together.

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